Nike x Notre Dunk Hi

For Notre’s first collaboration with Nike, we were asked to design a colorway for one of their most iconic shoe models, the Dunk.

Notre was founded in Chicago in 2014. The inspiration started at a single point all so familiar to the Midwest, the blue collar workshirt + name patch. Many of the team’s families are part of the Midwestern industrial history, and share early memories of the clothing tied to their parents’ work uniforms. The collaboration celebrates this uniform as an icon of craftsmanship and work ethic.

Notre has created a name for itself beyond retail as a connecting point for the fashion and streetwear community in the Midwest. To symbolize this role in the community, Notre has adopted the “handshake” motif as a piece of its design identity. We were given permission to redraw a version of the iconic Swoosh with our handshake motif to identify the partnership.

︎︎︎Art Direction
︎︎︎Visual Identity
︎︎︎Graphic Design